Buffalo Linkstation LIVE (NAS) with low cost USB "security" webcam!

At the moment the Linkstation LIVE has a USB slot, web access and the system is running 24/7 in most homes. It is based on embedded NAS technology. It would be more perfect with embedded webcam software.

Now, this question goes for the amazing Linux geeks! Could it be possible to use the USB slot for a webcam? The opensource webcam software Dorgem has all the nice functions we need. Now we have to do some Copy-Paste with the source codes. Yep, lets blend Dorgem to FreeNAS! Ok, Dorgem is a Windows software and FreeNAS is FreeBSD Unix-like operating system...but use your imagination to find another solution :)

Imagine the synergy. Home server with http, ftp deamons and security camera system with motion detection!

Ok, if it gets too complicated we can always just copy the webcam picture to the embedded ftp server and read it from there. Wow! Let's get the Linkstation LIVE modification on!

I assume that Buffalo has used one of the opensource filesystems for it's Buffalo Linkstation LIVE. At the moment there is opensource filesystems called FreeNAS, NASlite and Openfiler. The GUI reminds most to the FreeNAS in my opinion.

- Sourceforge - The home of opensource software projects
- FreeNAS - Opensource NAS server
- Dorgem - Opensource webcam software
- Buffalo Linkstation LIVE
- Buffalo Webaccess
- NAS wiki

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